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Lions and tigers as pets: what enforcement officers need to know
Thousands of privately owned exotic big cats exist throughout the country. These large animals, often kept in dilapidated, unsafe enclosures, pose a serious and unnecessary risk to public safety and law enforcement. Officers are not provided the training or resources to address exotic animals in backyards, situations with potentially deadly implications for those who respond to them.

During this presentation, attendees will learn more about the big cat crisis in America, and hear from sheriffs who have intimate experience with this issue in their jurisdictions. Attendees will also learn about The Big Cat Public Safety Act, a federal bill that would solve many of these problems by prohibiting tiger “cub petting” and the possession of big cats as pets and by entities without a USDA license. It would close loopholes that allow unqualified individuals to own these animals and therefore, mitigate the serious threat faced by enforcement agencies that have these animals in their community.


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